VOLUME 20, ISSUE 6                                                                                                                         November 26,  2007



Twenty-five years is a long time for a racing series.  The Kryderacing Regional Championship Series at Nelson Ledges Road Course celebrated its 25th year of existence this past season.  The series honors those drivers who have finished ahead of their peers in SCCA Regional racing at Nelson Ledges.  The 2007 season covered 6 weekends of racing and consisted of 11 events.  The 11th, and final event of the year, hosted by Western New York Region, was a double points event.  The four other Regions hosting events were Mahoning Valley Region, Steel Cities Region, NEOhio Region, and Finger Lakes Region.

The top three finishers in each class for 2007 are:

Class                           Champion                   Second Place                   Third Place

GT 1                            Al Gaudino                   Michael Cohen                  Paul Arey
GT 2                            Harry Belizaire
GT 3                            William Koch
GT Lite                        Mark Connolly             Dave English                    Michael Saddleton
E Production              Jim Llewellyn               Greg Schnell                     Martin Dodenhoff
F Production              Rick Kristoff                 Christopher Patrick         Robert Smart
G Production             Cathy Alexander         Chris Himes                      Dave Hammer
D Prepared               Carolyn Broring, Bob Mazza (tie)                         Mark Maehling
Sports 2000              Bill Kasmer                  Corey Fergus
Spec Racer               Greg Grucella              Michael Hausknecht        John Walsh
C Sports Racer        Jim List                        David Harris
D Sports Racer        Al Franzolino               Laurence Meisner            Gary Machinko
Formula A                 Dennis Sideri
Formula C                 Terry Myr                     Steve Demeter                 Jeffrey Martin
Formula E                 Keith McDonald         Stephen Zamborsky        Brian Good
Formula Ford           John Nesbitt, Jim Dietz (tie)
Formula First           Greg Rice                   Doug Seim                        Robert Clark
Formula Mazda       Steve Jenks               Frank Victor
Formula Club Ford  Paul Derov                Jim Morski                          Chuck VanNostrand
Formula Vee           Jim Rowland               Rick Ruckman                   Dennis Potocki
Formula 500           Ned Barefoot              Russell Strate Jr.               Eric Dean
Touring 1                  Ron Hutter                Aaron Quine
Touring 2                 Guy Pavageau, Rob Jones (tie)
Super Prod U          Bob MacDonald       John Hinkle                           Mark Maehling
Showroom Stock B Robert Audet
Showroom Stock C Bruce Keillor           Mary Hartman                       Al Sauerland Jr
American Sedan     Dale Gebhardt        Herm Melotti                         Jerry Bartolomucci
Spec Miata              Charlie Campbell   Tex Melotti                             Bob Doernberg
Improved Touring S Ray Boniface         Abdulrab Aziz                        Dan Harding
Improved Touring E Craig Gelston        Joe Cauley                            Gary Nickerson
Improved Touring A Rick Jarrett            Scott Nutter                            David Mills
Improved Touring B Aaron Gills             Kyle Selden                           William Johnson
Improved Touring C Bill Shearer           Joe Gumkowski                   Jim Royal
Improved Touring R Dan Jones              Marshall Lytle                       Rob Verenna

Honored as Mechanic of the Year was Bernie Schneider.
The annual banquet was held on November 16th with most of the award winners in attendance.  It was a great way to end the season.


Last month’s Kryderacing Newsletter told the story of our efforts with six cars at this years SCCA Run-Offs and how their results were improvements over 2006.  While we didn’t win any National Championships we did get very close to some podium finishes.

With regards to National and Regional race events in 2006 we had been pleasantly surprised when Kryderacing assisted cars took 25 SCCA race wins during the course of the year.  Prior to 2006 our top victory production was probably half that total..  We knew 2006 had been a good year, but we also knew repeating it in 2007 would be just about impossible.  While everyone at the shop had done a terrific job in 2006, we felt luck had also played a big part in the jump in wins.  Well, the 2007 season is over and the results are:

 30 Wins   14 Seconds   6 Thirds

Obviously, it was an even greater season than 2006.  The number of cars we serviced in these SCCA Amateur races had remained about the same, but the finishes improved across the board.  Perhaps we are making some of our own good luck.


On November 7th Kryderacing organized what has become another annual event on our calendar.  Seven years ago, after a last minute cancellation of a driving school at Willow Springs, Kryderacing stepped in to organize a one-day program for a longtime friend and client.  We had been taking care of Russ Wilson’s Corvette ZR-1 for many years.  The car was used regularly by Russ for track events across the country.  Reed and Russ had also competed with it in four One Lap of America events, finishing Third Overall and taking the Top Independent Trophy in 1996.  Seven years ago Russ was planning on bringing several of his friends to the Willow Springs school and was disappointed when the event was canceled at the last minute.  Sandi made a few phone calls and Kryderacing took over.  Since then the affair has alternated between the “Big Course” and the “Streets”.

The program had stayed about the same size for the first six years.  The Kryderacing staff of Reed and Sandi Kryder, Matt Miller, and Matt Carson are joined yearly by racing great John Morton and the outstanding instructor Jim Bishop.  We were concerned about 2007 because several regular participants had date conflicts.  But, instead of the normal 15-20 people we had closer to 30 in attendance.  We had an early warning of this growth when the “night before” dinner doubled in size from previous years.  And the “days-end party” was again a great success.

The 2008 event is already reserved for November 5th on the “Streets of Willow”.  It will be tied in with a trip to the SEMA Show in Vegas.  Please contact Sandi if you want to join the fun.  We will then keep you informed of plans as they materialize.


* Reed and Sandi spent two days between the SEMA Show and the Willow program relaxing up in the mountains east of Los Angeles in the Big Bear area.  We saw some of the results of the recent fires, found a great sports bar, and ran into an old friend from Reed’s Marlboro Racing School days.  Thanks Russ for the use of your cabin.
* The Performance Racing Industry Show is December 6-8.  If you want us to investigate something for you please give us a call.
* The Mahoning Valley Region hosted its annual Golden Harvest Double Regional back in October.  Sandi was Race Chairman for this SCCA event at Nelson Ledges Road Course.  Bruce Keillor won SSC Honors in his Kryderacing assisted Mazda on both days.
* David Pintaric raced his Kryderacing maintained T-1 Viper in the Great Pumpkin Affair Regional at Nelson Ledges.  It was mainly a test to see if everything was okay following a few post-Run-Offs concerns.  David won on Saturday and parked the car for the season.
* The Holidays are upon us.  We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and will have a Merry Christmas.  If you are still wondering what to get that racer friend of yours for Christmas, remember Kryderacing sells HANS devices along with many other racing related products.

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