VOLUME 20, ISSUE 1                                                                                                                                                       February 16, 2007


VOLUME 20, ISSUE 1                                                                                                                                                                          February 16, 2007


Let’s get right to the biggest story around Kryderacing so far in 2007.  As predicted in our December newsletter, Kryderacing has returned to professional level racing.  Discussions started at the PRI Show in Orlando led to our prepping and crewing three Koni Challenge cars during the January 25-28 Daytona Grand Am weekend.  Phoenix Promotions had entered four cars that weekend in the Rolex 24 at Daytona.  The prep required for the two Porsches and two brand-new Corvettes was enormous and Will Nonnamaker offered the Koni operation to Kryderacing.  Between Christmas and the event Matt Miller and Matt Carson divided their time between our shop and the Phoenix shop prepping a Dodge SRT4 and two Porsche 996’s for the Koni Challenge race.  Sandi and Reed devoted hours of their schedule towards assembling crew-members, obtaining licenses, reviewing equipment needs, logistics, and a long list of items required to successfully operate the team.  These were all things we had done before, but it had been a few years and we needed to make sure we were current with rules and procedures.

Crew-members in addition to those mentioned above included Tim and Brent Walton, Rod Whalen, Will Robb, Rob Piekarczyk, Mike Olivier, and David Pintaric.  They not only brought a wealth of racing experience, but had a variety of skills.  From wrenching to bodywork to welding to wiring, we had someone who was experienced.  Unexpected challenges arose when the lift-gate on the truck transporting the Dodge broke and kept us from working on the car until moments prior to its first track session.  Another challenge was a weak clutch on the same car necessitating a change which was finished as cars were proceeding to the grid.

There were a couple of minor problems during the race, but all three cars took the checker.  The driving team included Joe Sahlen and Will Nonnamaker in the #03 Dodge SRT4, Mike Canney and Wayne Nonnamaker in the #04 Porsche 996, and Joe Massesa and Ernie Becker in the #05 Porsche 996.  The race is scheduled to be shown on SPEED on March 10th at 8 pm.  In case you were wondering, Reed did have his driving equipment and has a Grand Am drivers license, but he did not drive.  It was more important for Kryderacing to have success crewing these cars than for Reed to have fun driving.

And our operation was a success.  The crew did a great job and received complements from both drivers and the car owners.  Kryderacing has been asked by Phoenix Promotions to provide similar services at six additional Koni races and three Rolex events during the 2007 season.  More races are possible.  If you are on this mailing list and wish to join us at one of them, please contact us at www.kryderacing.com or call 330-854-4889.

Most of the crew stayed and watched the Rolex 24 at Daytona.  Reed and Sandi assisted the Phoenix crew in the pits providing help in several areas.  If you have never been involved in an endurance race of this magnitude, you might not fully appreciate the logistics involved in making sure tires are ready, fueling rigs are always full, drivers are where they need to be (when not driving), meals are prepared and served, lap times and the “race flow” are followed, and hundreds of other things.  The mechanics going over the wall on pit-stops are high profile, but the support staff behind the wall is bigger.  Phoenix Promotions has been racing these types of events for a long time and they are well organized.  Sandi and Reed were glad to help.

Reed and Sandi were attendees at the 2007 SCCA National Convention in San Antonio on February 1-3.  While both have attended the SCCA NeDiv Mini-Cons on several occasions, this was their first trip to the national event.  They attended numerous seminars including tech sessions, rule procedure reviews, town meetings, registration procedures, pro racing, etc.  Most of the sessions fall into one of two categories.  They are either working sessions aimed at improving specialty areas such as timing and scoring or are informative sessions on the inner workings of SCCA and how to work with them.  Between sessions there are meals (usually with a Tex-Mex flavor in this case) and in the evening there are several social gatherings, both scheduled and unscheduled (the bar seemed to be a popular hangout).

Reed and Sandi, along with Cliff McCandless represented the Mahoning Valley Region of the SCCA.  They came away with the two significant impressions of the participants.  The SCCA office staff consists of some very intelligent people who put in a lot of hard work for the membership.  The rest of the participants came from all across the country and had one thing in common: they were all trying to improve the club.  Even when opposing viewpoints were evident, both sides of the issue were presented with non-confrontational approaches.


This year will be the Silver Anniversary for the series.  The schedule is as follows:

 April 28-29  Neohio Region Double Regional
 May 12-13  Steel Cities Region Double Regional
 June 9-10  Finger Lakes Region Double Regional
 June 30-July 1  Mahoning Valley Region Double Regional
 October 20-21  Mahoning Valley Region Double Regional
 October 27-28  Western New York Region Regional (Double Points)

This should be an exciting year for several reasons:

All five SCCA Regions have events this year.
 Event dates are better spaced than we have seen them in a long time.
 The June 30-July 1 event is also a MARRS series race and should have the largest Regional participation seen at Nelson    Ledges in several years.

The date and location of the Awards Banquet has not been finalized.


2007 should also be a special year for Nelson Ledges Road Course.  While there may be no big improvements as seen in recent years, Track Manager Scott Lane will continue improving the facility.  And as the pro-level tracks continue to price themselves out of amateur racing, tracks like Nelson Ledges prosper from club racers looking for affordable race sites.  The 24-Hour endurance race (“Longest Day of Nelson”) will return after a long absence.  It is part of an endurance series and is scheduled for August 24-26.  There will be both a Northeast Division National (May 26-27) and a Great Lakes Division National (July 28-29).  There was almost a “Dual National” on Memorial Day Weekend but politics kept it from happening this year.  The premise for this event is unlike any National ever held anywhere.  2008 is still a possibility for the “Dual“.  The April 20-22 Driver’s School at Nelson Ledges is the only 2007 SCCA school at the track, but the good news is that it is a “double“.  This means it is possible for a student to complete all their school requirements over a three day period instead of having to attend two separate weekends.


In our last issue we mentioned rule changes pertaining to door bars, window nets, seat belts, helmets, and numerous other items.  We suggested everyone check their rulebook and how it pertains to them.  While HANS devices are not mandatory in SCCA racing, they are a proven piece of safety equipment.  Kryderacing has recently become a dealer and would appreciate your business when you decide to order yours.


* David Pintaric’s T-1 Class Viper will be on display at the Cleveland Auto Show from February 24 through March 4.
* One week after the show David plans on racing the Viper in the Memphis Nationals.  He set the T-1 lap record last year.
* Neohio Region will hold their Competition Clinic at the Cleveland I-X Center on March 17th.
* Kryderacing will be assisting John Buttermore’s T-1 Corvette and/or T-2 Cadillac CTS-V at the March 24-25 Road Atlanta  National.
* And then we get busy.