VOLUME 17, ISSUE 6                                                                                                                                                         December 27,  2004



We hope you have been enjoying the Holidays.  This is our final newsletter of 2004 and wraps up what has been a very successful year for Kryderacing.


Early in the month of November we found ourselves in California at the “Streets of Willow”.  Each year for the past four we have organized a “fun day” for Russ Wilson, Bob Walker, Paul Arevalo, and a group of their friends.  The program alternates between the “Streets of Willow” and Willow Springs.  Some people take the function seriously while other look at it as a way to spend an enjoyable day away from the office.  Everyone brings, or rents, or borrows, their vehicle of choice and proceeds to wear out tires and brake pads while driving the circuits.  Kryderacing provides the basic organization while several participants bring refreshments and other items which add to the day’s enjoyment.  We also provide several drivers with racing experience who help participants.  This year’s group included regulars John Morton, Walt Minato, Matt Miller, and Reed Kryder.  Several multi-year participants also helped newcomers.  This is a very “low-key” program and one of the most fun activities we do all year.  The dinner attendance at the end of the day continues to grow.  Each year we set a new record as to the number of people we can fit around one table (actually a collection of tables pushed together).  The 2005 event will return to the big course at Willow Springs.  It is scheduled for November 3rd.  Contact Paul Arevalo, Russ Wilson, or Kryderacing if you are interested in joining us.


A week after the “Streets” program Sandi, Reed, Russ Wilson, and his son Tyler attended the annual SEMA Show in Las Vegas.  We only had one day, but managed to obtain information on several interesting new products and visit numerous old friends.


Sandi, Matt, and Gary Martz attended the Performance Racing Industry Show in Indianapolis in early December.  Sandi has attended all 17 editions of this show.  It is an important part of our business.  While the SEMA and PRI shows appear similar they offer different perspectives.  When we visit the SEMA show we get a good overview of what is happening in the general automotive aftermarket world.  When we attend the PRI Show our goal is to obtain specific information.  In addition to catalogs and pricing we can discuss specific problems or concerns directly with suppliers or experts.  For example, we have found several manufacturers who participate in both shows who send someone who is very familiar with their products and distribution methods to the SEMA Show and then send someone else, who is familiar with usage, installation, etc., to the PRI Show.

Unfortunately the 2005 PRI Show will be held in Orlando, Florida.  All of the previous shows were held in the Mid-West and made travel easy.  We will probably attend the 2005 show, but maybe not in as large a group.


All of our “National” racing clients attended a holiday party at our house in Mid-December.  Bill and Sandy Pintaric (GT4 Nissan), David and Janet Pintaric (T-1 Corvette), Gary and Tanya Martz (EP Mazda RX-7), Matt Miller and Kim Smith (GP Datsun 510), and Mike Olivier (SSC Honda) joined Reed and Sandi for a relaxing evening.  Videos of the SCCA Run-Offs (featuring several of the party attendees) played in the background while everyone enjoyed Sandi’s cooking, an assortment of liquid refreshments, and socializing.  Nothing was structured, but somehow four-plus hours evaporated before anyone was aware of it.  It looks as if another Kryderacing tradition may have taken a foothold.


His real name is Matt Carson and the latest word we have is he is on his way home from Iraq.  He has been there for about a year.  His only break was a couple of weeks in September when he came home and assisted our efforts at the SCCA Run-Offs.

We aren’t sure of his schedule for the next couple of weeks or months, but we hope he becomes available before the 2005 racing season is too far along.


If you attend SCCA Nationals you might see a lot of the Kryderacing logo.  Bill Pintaric and Matt Miller will be returning to NEDiv competition.  David Pintaric has indicated he plans on switching from CenDiv to NEDiv.  Gary Martz will probably stay in NEDiv (he has competed in both NEDiv and CenDiv in the past).  Joining these National competitors attempting to earn an invite to the Run-Offs will be Mike Olivier in his SSC class Honda Civic.  This will be Mike’s first year of National level competition and he will be competing in the MidWest Division.  We are also talking with a couple of potential clients.  One already races on the National level and the others are at various Regional or entry levels.


The series has endured for over 20 years and looks as if it is growing along with the improvements to the track.  The annual Awards Banquet was held on November 20th.  Awards were presented for Champion, Second, and Third Place finishers.  The Champions were:

GT 4 Debbie LaFond                                     F500 Jim Gobelbecker
EP Bill Emery                                              SPU Bob MacDonald
FP  Dave English                                         SSC Rob Piekarczyk
GP Jim Sloan                                              SM Mark Bennett
DSR Allen Franzolino                                   ITE Bryan Vivian
S2000 Bill Kasmer                                       ITS Ray Boniface
SRF Greg Grucella                                      ITA David Mills
CF Paul Derov                                             ITB Allan Ferragonio
FC Robert Mazza                                        ITC Bill Shearer
FV Jim Rowland