VOLUME 14, ISSUE 2                                                                                                                        APRIL 24, 2001

                                                    "HELPING PEOPLE ACHIEVE THEIR RACING OBJECTIVES"

The leaves are returning to the trees. The clocks have been turned ahead. And we have had our race cars on the track for the first time. It can only mean that Spring is here. Maybe. The most recent weather forecast calls for snow tomorrow.

We don’t have any long stories in this newsletter, but a lot of very important things have been occurring nonetheless.


This is BIG to Kryderacing. Baer Claw is the recognized leader in brake systems for race and performance car applications. Being asked to represent them nationally in their SCCA American Sedan program is a real vote of confidence in Kryderacing. We have dealt with Baer on several items during the past few years and always had a good relationship. This particular program was under discussion for some time before a final format was reached. Kryderacing will be attending several SCCA Nationals this year promoting the Baer Claw Brake System to American Sedan Mustang and Camaro drivers. We will be supplying information and product along with a full inventory of spares. At the end of the season we will be at the SCCA Run-Offs at Mid-Ohio. These Run-Offs determine the national champions in SCCA’s amateur classes. The leading American Sedan drivers already know Baer is the system to have if they expect to be competitive in their class. 2001 is our initial year and letting everyone know we are available to help them will be a big undertaking. Our initial thrust will be letting competitors know we exist.


Kryderacing first displayed the Baer American Sedan brake system at Neohio’s annual Competition Clinic. The 2001 edition was held at Cleveland’s IX Center on March 24, 2001. The affair is targeted towards both rookie and experienced SCCA racers. Numerous seminars discuss everything from "getting started" to rule changes to technical advice. The SCCA National office usually has representatives in attendance and several racing related companies, such as Goodyear, also send experts to offer advice and answer questions. It is a great way to kick start a racing season.

Sandi Kryder and Matt Miller represented Kryderacing and also had a booth promoting our activities. Beside the Baer display was information on the Nelson Ledges Kryderacing Regional Championship, services offered by Kryderacing, information on our rental race cars, and several other areas in which we are actively involved. Sandi said the seminars were so good it kept people away from the booth areas. But, during those few minutes between the talks, people did stop by, and a significant amount of business was done.


The Kryderacing Regional Championship Series has been in existence for 19 years. The enormous growth of this series over the past few years is directly related to the revitalization of Nelson Ledges Road Course. All of the SCCA Regions are returning and planning for bigger race weekends in 2001. Finger Lakes Region plans on running a "double" this year instead of a "single" if they can figure a way to keep their short endurance race as part of the weekend’s agenda. The schedule for this year along with contacts is as follows:

May 5-6 Double Regional Steel Cities Region (Jim Farrar 412-7543-2576)

June 16-17 Double Regional NEOhio Region (Dorothy Harrington 440-933-8420)

August 4-5 Double Regional Mahoning Valley Region (Sandi Kryder 330-854-4889)

August 18-19 Double Regional Finger Lakes Region (Lynn Randall 716-889-1289)

October 20-21 Double Regional Mahoning Valley Region (Sandi Kryder 330-854-4889)

October 27-28 Regional Western New York Region (Karen Frieder 716-833-1467)

November 17 Awards Banquet Colonial Catering (Sandi Kryder 330-854-4889)

One change in the points structure this year results from Western New York Region being the only organization putting on an "old style" single Regional style weekend. These single event affairs are terrific and we like seeing them on our schedule. As a consequence, we will award double points to competitors at that event. Basically, there are always the same amount of points available for any weekend of racing, whether its a single or a double event.

Competitors need to run five of the eleven races to be eligible for a year end award. Champion, Second, and Third Place plaques are presented to all eligible drivers at the banquet.

Contingency sponsors expected to return for the 2001 series include Performance Friction Brake Pads, Hoosier Tire, and Citgo Racing Gasolines. Baer Claw Brake Systems will also be promoted through our new relationship. The 2001 series t-shirts are already available.

Visit for more information and to view final 2000 Series points standings. Make return visits during the year for current standings.


Sandi and Reed have taken very few vacations during their almost thirty years of married life. Sure there have been little side trips while at races. And the annual visits with various relatives get them away from work occasionally. But getting away for anything more then a day or two has been rare. Back in 1971 they spent a week on their honeymoon. About 20 years later they found time to take advantage of a gift from some friends and spent a week relaxing on the beach in Florida. Things must be improving, because it only took 10 more years to get to the third vacation. This story wouldn’t appear in this newsletter except for the racing people and places they visited. Does that mean it really wasn’t a vacation?

They started by flying First Class from Cleveland to Los Angeles. The initial destination was a visit with long-time friend and client Russ Wilson. Along the way they revisited the streets of Long Beach. Reed had raced there when IMSA was part of the program ten years ago. They were reconstructing the track for this years race. After spending the night with Russ and his wife, Judy, Reed and Sandi headed for Las Vegas. It really was a vacation. But the NASCAR races happened to be in town. How did that scheduling miracle occur? Reed’s One Lap of America partner, John Bender, arranged for passes for Saturday’s Busch race through his team (PPC Racing). Sunday’s Winston Cup race was watched from atop the back-straight with Rod and Mary Whelan. Rod and Mary have been active participants in Kryderacing activities for many years. One of their current activities is traveling with their motorcoach to various races across the country. Somehow they just happened to be in town when Reed and Sandi were there. If you watched the Las Vegas race you may have noticed a row of motorhomes on a small rise along the back straight. Reed and Sandi can attest to it being a fantastic viewing area.

Several other visits also took place at the track. While a Tire Engineer for Goodyear Reed spent several years heading the group of Engineers responsible for stock car racing tires. Many of the people he worked with are still there and were at the Vegas race. It had been a long time since he had talked with Phil Holmer, Greg Stucker, "Little Joe", Ron Stiller, and several others. Stu Grant was also around, but paths never crossed.

Reed and Sandi did act like normal vacationers in a lot of other ways. They had good and bad nights at the casinos, visited the Hoover Dam, and really enjoyed themselves. When it was over, Sandi flew home and back to the Kryderacing shop while Reed checked in for some work at California Speedway. Maybe the next vacation is only five years away.


It’s amazing. Speaking only of amateur level racing, for several years we had only a single vehicle available for rent. For the last few years it has been a Nissan 240SX prepared for the SSB class. While it has been used on a regular basis, there have existed several weekends each year when it sat idle. At the end of 2000 we added a Nissan NX2000 prepared for the ITS class to our stable. Since we weren’t using the initial car at 100% capacity we were a little worried about now having two vehicles. We needn’t have been concerned. A little extra promotion at the Comp Clinic and on our Website has resulted in numerous reservations. The schedule for the 240SX is as big as any time in the past and the NX2000 has several weekends booked itself. Races are still available for both cars, but selection is limited.


On April 14 Kryderacing rented Nelson Ledges Road Course for ourselves and clients. This was a first for Kryderacing. We had tested privately before and attended other people’s tests, but had never combined the two activities. It was a big success and we will probably repeat it when the schedule permits. One oddity of the day was having the biggest attendance of corner workers in the history of the track. 112 people were participating in a safety training program. There were flipped cars and burning cars. Driver removal techniques were demonstrated and other emergency procedures were passed from experienced people to newcomers. We didn’t need there help on the track during the day, but they were handy if an emergency had arisen.

Both the rental vehicles mentioned above were tested. Nick Dionoff got in some early laps with the 240SX in preparation for going to an SCCA Driver’s School the weekend of April 21-22. The NX2000 was tested and parked to wait for its usage at the same Driver‘s School by Sandy Smith. Russ Wilson’s Corvette ZR-1 was given an initial run with its new differential. The Infiniti M30 vehicle used by Kryderacing and various Regions for course activities was checked out and used for several trips around the track to discuss various driving lines.

Pete Baumgartner had his GP Austin Healey Sprite out for its first track activity after a decade of neglect. Pete recently acquired the car. It had spent its last 10 years sitting outside on a trailer. Kryderacing has been helping with the process of reviving it. It has not been easy. Every problem solved reveals new problems areas. It did run four laps and plans are for it to return for the same Driver’s School as our rental cars.

John Bender came down from Michigan to help shake down his Corvette Z06 which he and Reed will be using for this year’s One Lap Of America. John became the designated tire tester and "giver of rides". Reed did drive a few laps and is looking forward to this years One Lap event. It runs May 5th through May 12th. You can follow their progress on

Reed spent most of his day coaching Tyrone Noles (American Sedan class Mustang) and Bill Pintaric (GT4 class Datsun 510). Ty has been racing for almost as long as Reed but has been struggling a little with his Mustang. His biggest problem wasn’t as much driving as having a car with a chassis set-up targeted for a smooth track. The previous owner was located close to Watkins Glen. The surface at Nelson Ledges requires a much softer suspension than that of the Glen. Ty plans on some suspension changes. Bill Pintaric has spent most of his racing career driving Showroom Stock or its slightly modified variation (Improved Touring). The GT4 he acquired last year has race tires and a race tuned suspension. Everything happens much quicker. Bill looks very good in the turns, but he struggles with the transition of entering the turn. Not only is he traveling at a higher rate of speed than in his previous mounts, but, because of the stiffer chassis and stickier tires, all of the vehicle movements (weight transfers) are significantly quicker. We expect him to be his old quick self when he settles in to this faster rhythm.