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                                            2012 KRYDERACING REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES

The 30th edition of the series has been finalized and information is available at www.kryderacing.com and on Facebook.  Thirty years is a long time and many things have changed in all of your lives.  The Kryderacing Series has also had its changes but we have tried to stay as close as possible to its original intention.  That initial intention was to recognize talented SCCA Regional drivers competing at Nelson Ledges Road Course for their accomplishments.  One major change has been the addition of other race tracks.  The Steel Cities Region moved their events from Nelson to BeaveRun (now Pittsburgh International Race Course) when track construction was completed and requested they still be included in the Series.  Last year the Finger Lakes Region could not run their “Westward Ho” event at Nelson, but they were hopeful of returning in the future.  They requested inclusion of their Watkins Glen event, “The Fun One“, in the 2011 series in order to continue the connection.  This year, “Westward Ho” is back on the schedule, along with “The Fun One“.  It is hoped drivers at these three venues venture to one of the neighboring facilities to enjoy something different, and possibly pick up a few Kryderacing points along the way.

There are several changes for 2012.  Events will be run at Nelson Ledges Road Course, Pittsburgh International Race Course (formerly BeaveRun Motorsports Complex), and Watkins Glen International.


     June 23-24             Finger Lakes Region “Westward Ho” Double Regional at Nelson Ledges
     July 28-29              Steel Cities Region Restricted Regional at PittRace
     August 4-5             Mahoning Valley Region MARRS Single Regional at Nelson Ledges
     September 15-16    Finger Lakes Region “The Fun One” Double Regional at Watkins Glen
     September 29-30    Mahoning Valley Region Double Regional at Nelson Ledges

     November 17          Awards Banquet

Note:  The Mahoning Valley event is already history and points standings can be found at www.kryderacing.com.  We are also on Facebook.

2012 marks the 30th Anniversary for the Kryderacing Regional Championship Series.  The purpose of the series has always been to provide recognition to regional level SCCA racers while supporting facilities and SCCA Regions sanctioning them.  Those goals remain unchanged for the 2011 season.

Points will continue as in the past.  Double Regional weekend events will award points in a single race per Regional based on a 9-6-4-3-2-1 plus one point for each starter beaten in class.  Single Regional weekend events such as the Restricted Regional and MARRS event will award double points in the featured race of the weekend.  All competitors in all events earn points.  But to receive an annual award the competitor must be a paid entrant in events put on by a minimum of two of the presenting Regions

There is no fee to competitors to be eligible for the series.  Everyone is automatically entered.  However, we do appreciate those competitors who display the Kryderacing Regional Championship Series decals.

Continued participation by companies associated with the series is anticipated and will be confirmed in the near future.  Hoosier Tire, Carbotech Brakes, Sunoco Race Fuels, and Mazza Wineries have been great associates, helping throughout past seasons and adding significantly to the banquet festivities.  And we are always working on new additions.  All associates and their requirements for receiving contingencies will be posted in the near future.  Their decals (and Kryderacing Series stickers), patches, etc will be available through Kryderacing at no charge.  Competitors are encouraged to display them.

We will also continue to honor workers and mechanics who contribute so much to these events.  They are recognized at the banquet.  Additional announcements for the upcoming season are also common fare during the banquet festivities.

There is always the possibility of schedule changes.  Any event additions will be handled per previous guidelines.  Prior to the first event (June 23-24) Kryderacing reserves the right to make additions.  After the first event additions must be approved by all currently participating Regions.

At the banquet we will continue to honor workers and mechanics who contribute so much to these events.  The banquet is also a time of announcements for the upcoming year.  Regions, race tracks, associated sponsors, and individuals are welcome to tell attendees what to look forward to in the coming year.

Go to www.kryderacing.com for more information on Kryderacing.
Please contact us at 330-854-4889 with any questions.


Rule 1: General statement: The SCCA Regions putting on the individual Regional events have all authority over any and all results of their events. For the purpose of our series, we will use the official results of each event as determined by the sanctioning Region. Any disputes arising from the decisions of the Region are to be resolved through that Region and not Kryderacing.

Rule 2: All competing drivers will be awarded points in their class based on the final results. Points will be assigned as follows:

First Place:             9 points
Second Place:        6 points
Third Place             4 points
Fourth Place           3 points
Fifth Place              2 points
Sixth Place             1 points

In addition, each competing driver will receive “1” point for every competing car in their class that they were classified ahead of in the final results.

Rule 3: The following classes will be included in the Series:
            GT 1, GT 2, GT 3, GT Lite
            EP, FP,  HP, SPU
            FA, FB, FC, FF, FM, FE, FV, F500, FST,
            ITA, ITB, ITC, ITE, ITR, ITS, IT7
            AS, SSB, SSC, SM, T1, T2, T3, STO, STU, SPO
            CSR, DSR, SRF, S2000

Other classes may be added if the participation level warrants.

Rule 4:  For the year 2012, in order to be eligible for the Series and class awards competitors must participate in events put on by at least two of the sanctioning Regions.  Competitors must be shown as a starter on the result sheets to have the event count towards their minimum.

Rule 5: Awards will be given in each class for Champion, Second, and Third Place to eligible competitors. The awards will be presented at the annual Banquet. If no banquet is held, Kryderacing will assume the responsibility for delivering the awards to the recipients.

Rule 6: There will be a maximum of two point races per weekend.  For Double Regional weekends, the feature race of each class per day will be the points race.  Single Restricted regional will get single points

Rule 7: There are no tie breakers.

Rule 8: Kryderacing has the sole right to make decisions regarding any situation not covered by the Rules 1-7.